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RE: citrix and windows 2000 terminal services on clients --- do w

OK I know I said I wouldn't make anymore replies to this thread but I felt
the need to make 1 thing straight I didn't come up with any such req's for
the TSE boxes. I simply carried forward the illustration that hot6654/JD
Nowell had in his first reply. As hot6644 said earlier

"Re the second point: The expression goes: "THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS". I
prefer the expression: "ALL GENERALIZATIONS ARE BAD.""

so to assume that my 6450's are quads is wrong - we are only running dual
procs at the moment and only using 2gb of memory. I wasn't really all that
concerned about the config since I figured that would be up to Melo to
determine based on his needs and platform preference. Maybe he buys so much
Compaq gear that they would give him a server for $15 - who knows. In the
end any cost calcs must be completed by the person with the question and at
that point a decision can be made to determine the true value of any
hardware/software purchase.

Melo - to answer you real question succinctly - No you don't have to use
Citrix with TSE. Is it better this way? Many would say so. Some would
disagree. Do you need to run TSE/Citrix for 150 local users - no, can you -
yes, should you - maybe. I can only hope that future answers on this board
aren't so succinct since opinions matter - if a majority of the people are
of the same opinion then that is probably a good opinion worth following.
Based on the replies to THIS thread about Citrix it looks like a lot of
people prefer to use TSE with Citrix but as Mr. Nowell has said - YOU DON'T
HAVE TO. Good luck in your decision.

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