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The check digit is set in the Next Numbers table, it's a check box to compute
the check digit. The check digit is based on the Base 11 routine. The is a
document in the KG explaining the routine.

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Re: Check Number

It's not from NN... It's entered by user while printing the checks.. User
enters the starting number and JDE takes the value from there. Look into
"Work with PAyment Groups" (P04571) and then Write option in Row
Exit(P04572). In P04572 one has to enter the starting Check # under "Next
Payment" column.



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Re: Check Number

Hi Ken,

I think Check NUMBER and Check DIGIT are not the same.
But if you mentioned the Check Digit and "a" document in the KG then here is the document ID: ott-99-0005. Maybe it makes easier to find it.

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Re: Check Number

Check #, I think, comes from the bank transit # master file (F0030). The
field is NXTC.
Hope that helps.

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Hi guys...

Might be a simple question..

where is the check number coming from?? Is it from next number file ? If so

could you please give me the system code??

Is it coming from any other file??
Thanks in advance for your help.

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