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RE: Check data selection/sequence

Hi Daniel,

The system function is used within batch applications to check if a
particular data item is being used for data selection or sequencing in a
section of a given report/version. So, for example, if you've a report based
on the Address Book Table which processes records based on the business unit
i.e has data selection

Where ABMCU = 1000

you could use this function to check against data item BC Business Unit from
within the init section of your UBE.

I haven't had need to use this function but I imagine it has a good use so
you could check there's selection against specific data items and if not set
it from with your program.

You can find some more info in the online help (OW explorer, help, contents,
tools...., published API's)




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Re: Check data selection/sequence

This system function check if there are data selection or not to present it
to you (in your report or form) also does the same thing for data sequence
(requested sorting if any).
How it works (technically do not know), however logically it will build SQL
statement based on your data selection and data sequence.

Emad Banoub
Montgomery Watson Harza
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