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Re: Case-sensitivity problem

We, too, ran into this problem after applying SP11.3 a few months back. We
found that by removing all custom grid formats on an application, that the
problem with case sensitive behavior went away. It's a pain, but it only
affected one or two of our applications.

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02/06/2001 09:12
Please respond to

We have just gone to service pack 11.3 on 7331 and have run into a problems
with items coming in with lowercase rather than uppercase. The system
to default with uppercase on line types, sub ledger types etc.and now will
take lowercase which error out on batches. I have checked the Data
Dictionary and it is set to uppercase on all of these items. Is there
something I am missing in setting up these fields?

Working with NT4, Oracle 8.05

Any help would be appreciated.

Ross A Potter
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