RE: Calling J98INITA from external menus


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RE: Calling J98INITA from external menus

Yes, instead of having J98INITA as the initial program in the IBM user
profile, several of our users call our JUTDRIVER program instead. It
prompts the user to select his language preference (English, German,
Spanish, etc.) and his currency decimal preference. File F00921 is
populated with his selection (fields ULLNGP and ULDECF).

Finally, JDFOBJ/J98INITA is called ( e.g. CALL PGM(JDFOBJ/J98INITA) )
Our reason for this is that it allows one select any language and decimal
prior to loading JD Edwards. We found this sequence to be necessary because
a JDE assembler routine appears to retrieve those values from the F00921 one
time only very early in the J98INITA invocation.

The CL program J98INITA was not modified. The JUTDRIVER does not perform
any looping to another application or environment. When the user signs
off in JDE with the '..', he is signed off.
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