RE: Bulk with Potency


RE: Bulk with Potency

I've worked with Bulk Inventory Management for 7 years, and it was not
designed to work with Grade and Potency. However, Lot Control should work.

The reason why Grade and Potency is not part of Bulk Inventory is that for
every Energy and Chemical client an item that has a different grade or
potency is considered a different item. Unleaded and Premium are good
examples. Unlike the standard inventory transaction programs (issues,
adjustments, transfers), there is no processing option in Bulk Inventory
Adjustments to turn on the grade and potency fields.

Lot control should work as follows. Assume we have Lot A in Tank 1 and Lot
B in Tank 2. If you transfer product from Tank A to Tank B the system
creates Lot C in Tank 2. All of the product in Tank 2 is now Lot C. The
reason for this is that the product is now mixed, and you can't physically
separate A from B in Tank 2. In Version A8.1 of World there was an
enhancement to allow multiple lots per tank.

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