Re: Building business functions


Re: Building business functions


Make sure you guys did the following
1) Installed Visual C++ (use default path recommended by MS)
before you installed OneWorld
- if you did this, OneWorld configures the jde.ini to pick up the PATH
itself, otherwise you might have to check & assign your PATH codes
in the "ini".

2) Make sure you have a "development" package installed in your client.
A development package will have the C source & header files in
\B7\DEVB733\source & \B7\DEVB733\include

3) Exit out of OneWorld completely (close out your UTB, if it's open)
before you build your BSFN.

4) Run BusBuild, select your BSFN & build it.

Hope this resolves your situation.

Aravind R.

>From: tom brown <[email protected]>
>Reply-To: [email protected]
>To: [email protected]
>Subject: Building business functions
>Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2001 04:45:01 -0800 (PST)
>Hi List,
>I'm havaing trouble building business functions on a newly installed
>machine, the machine has C++ 6.00 installed, but when we try to build
>any C business functions, the BUSBUILD application returns 0 errors, 0
>warnings, but says the business function failed to build and the
>previous DLL was restored.
>Anyone seen this error before? Anyoe got any ideas where to look for
>errors? There is nothing in the normal JDE logs...
>Tom Brown
>OW 733 SP 14.1
>Oracle. NT.
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