RE: Bar Codes as inputs


RE: Bar Codes as inputs


You may want to consider printing PDF417 Bar Code on your documents. This 2D
(Two Dimensional) bar code can contain thousands of characters in the same
space and a traditional one dimension bar code would only have 10 to 20

Scanning a Barcode of this type could transfer all the required information
into the application with a single scan.
For instance a Packing Slip that contains a 2D bar code with all the items
contained in the shipment could be checked against the container. If 100% of
the items on the pack slip were correct, the Bar code could be scanned and
entered into the system because there are no Exceptions on the order. Pack
Slips with exceptions could be scanned followed by a manual entry of the
exception items. This should save a lot of time.

You may also want to print a Bar Code on each line item of an Invoice or
Pack slip. Then the Document Bar Code could be scanned into a hand held
device and any item with an exception can be scanned and an entry made for
the exception.

Some e-forms software can concatenate fields in a 2D Bar Code so the data
will import into a Screen application as if the data were being entered from
a keyboard.

I hope this helps.

I think this is a good idea, it is not without some up front work, but will
save money in the long run.

Steve Luke