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RE: Automatic Journal Processing

Check the constants on each application (typically option 29, Setup, on the
menus). For example option 2 on menu G0441 has the A/P Constants. "Offset
Method" may be the field you're looking for. Press F1 on that field for
specifics. Hope this helps...

Janet Celestino Leppo
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RE: Automatic Journal Processing

Automatic Journal Entry summarization is controlled by processing options.
In the Purchasing/AP system, the receiving program P4312 has summarization
options that control whether the journal entry is summarized (maybe yes,
maybe no depending on what you want--if you are using Purchasing
commitments, do NOT summarize). Likewise there are summarization options on
P4314, the Match Voucher to Open Receipt program. There are also
summarization options in sales order processing, A/R, etc. My advice is to
test these different options and have all involved parties (G/L, Purchasing,
Inventory, A/P, Sales, A/R, reporting personnel) looking hard at the
different entries the different summarization options create in each system.
In general, we here summarize to the A/R and A/P balance sheet accounts but
post in detail to the sales and expense accounts.

....Gerry Munchel
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RE: Automatic Journal Processing


It is in system constants for each system via Hidden Selection 29 from a
menu in each system. For example go to G04 then take HS 29 then the option
for System constants and you will get the AP system constants. In AP system
constants one of the settings is for Offset Method - this is the one you
want. Read the help text and also the User Reference Guide as from memory
there are four settings. My experience has always been to set it as "B" to
create one offset per batch otherwise the G/L get cluttered with masses of
detail "AE" entries.

In Purchasing (and some other areas) control is usually exercised by way of
processing option in the Receipting Function etc

Regards...... Colin HUGILL

Colin Hugill