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Re: Asset Disposal With cash Proceeds


Re: Asset Disposal With cash Proceeds

You must use a Document Type of "AD" to record disposals, the disposal
programs use "AD" as their default. If you don't use "AD" you will get
unexcpected results with your STAR disposal reports.

Peter Davis
Business Analyst
Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro

Rani Sinnasamy <rani_mahendra@yahoo.com.sg>@jdelist.com on 04-06-2001
05:15:13 AM


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RE: Asset Disposal With cash Proceeds

Was the cash receipts journal entry posted to the same account as noted
in the FDS04 AAI? I believe that the P12105 program will use that FDS04
account to look in the F1202 file to find the cash proceeds record. If the
cash proceeds went to a different account, the program will not find it
(even though you see it in cost summary) to display it to the disposal
screen. Hope this helps.

John Dickey
(314) 577-1466
RE: Asset Disposal With cash Proceeds


I have checked all the journal entry and it is posted
to the corect account, the FDS04 object account. All
the setup is fine.
Why is the JE still cannot be seen on the disposal
screen. There are only 4 lines when there is supposed
to be 6 lines.

please advise.

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