Re: AS/400 Xe performance issues


Re: AS/400 Xe performance issues

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Subject: AS/400 Xe performance issues

> Hello again,
> Back on the performance issue again. We've gotten a couple of great
feedback notes regarding our performance problems, thanks to you all for
> One item from our previous posting may need clarification perhaps? We
don't want ANY of our One World client-to-server traffic to run across the
WAN. Our question is, how can we avoid it?
> We have OW enterprise server on a LAN with OW Thick clients on same LAN.
Our parent Corporation maintains the enterprise-wide DNS, WINs and NT PDC
servers on the "other-side" of the WAN from where we are. Therefore, we ask:
with these services servers NOT on our LAN segment, will we experience
problems of performance with JDE? If, as some of you have implied, the JDE
OW software is dependent upon windows-based services, then I would expect
that we might need to move the PDC, WINS or DNS servers locally in order to
minimize the potential for traffic to cross the WAN. Can anyone comment on
> We do have a Backup Domain Controller (BDC) on our side of the WAN and we
also have a backup DNS but we don't have WINS.
> I hope this helps to clarify our question. For JDE, what non-JDE service
functions need to be on our LAN for optimum performance? Thanks!
> AS/400 Mod830,Enterprise Server, CO
> Xe
> AS/400 INS-NT Deployment Server
> AS/400 INS-WTS/Citrix
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