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Re: AS/400 security


Re: AS/400 security

We struggled with this when we first went to a One World install at first as
well. The way we got around it is put everybody into one group profile, i.e.
JDE, and then make sure that group profile owns all of the objects, including
down to the IFS level, that are related to a JDE implementation. This seems to
have worked for us, granted we may run into this problem again in the future due
to upgrades and such................................

Brian Kamps
Tech Specialist
Hoffman Enclosures

"Lessard, Judith A. (Judy)" <lessardj@timken.com> on 01/29/2001 10:08:03 AM

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Subject: AS/400 security

In the process of setting up the implementation team with Xe, it was discovered
there were problems doing the COMMIT on update transactions due to inability to
start journalling first. A call to JDE returned the recommendation that all
users plus ONEWORLD user needed to have *JOBCTL and *ALLOBJ authority (I believe
they actually need object management authority to the files). We changed granted
the authority per their instructions, and it works fine. But, we are a little
unaeasy about granting such authority to users because we use Operations
Navigator here, and believe they could delete files using Ops Nav.

Just curious how others are handling the AS/400 user id security with Xe.
Thanks for any help!

JDE - Xe
AS/400 Mod830 V4R5 Enterprise Server/Central Objects
AS/400 700 INS Card - NT Deployment Server
AS/400 333 INS Card - WTS/Citrix

Judy Lessard
IT Specialist 4
Timken Super Precision (MPB)
603-352-0310 ext. 385

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