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We may be the only agency in the world that handles applicants the way
we do, but hopefully someone else does and can help me solve this
If a person applies for a job with us, is hired, quits and then
re-applies for another job, how is that handled within JDE without
adding to or writing over the initial application information? Are
requisitions the only way to do this and will it work even with a
requisition? Any information will be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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I think there are two ways to handle this. The easier
way is that on termination, the employee record
continues to remain in the database. The search type
become X, for ex-employees.

Another way is a field in Employee Information. When
you enter an employee record while hiring (or later),
it is possible to set the employee to be moved to the
applicant pool on termination. The search type becomes

In short, apart from the setup, you don't need to do

Hope this helps



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I just read your e-mail referring to applications
storing using the address book.
From what I understand the job position is stored
within the address book. So therefore each job
position has a unique address book number.
The problem: how do you connect the applicants to the
job positions. One applicant can apply for many job
positions. Therefore there is a many to one
relationship for the address book numbers.
Each applicant has a unique address book number. Also
each job position has a unique address book number,
and a number of category codes.

You can build a parent child relationship with each
address book number.
Attach the applicants address book number as a child
to the parent job position address book number.
You can use the category codes for both searching and
reporting. It is also possible to use the flash
message to indicate to the user important information.

Edward Hassman
Sprint E|Solutions

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