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Re: Anyone using AS/400 INS card for Deployment Server? ~~1036


Re: Anyone using AS/400 INS card for Deployment Server? ~~1036

>I have been told by one of the more trustworthy consultants working on our
>implementation project that IBM is phasing out the Netfinity cards.  Take
>that for what it's worth but I would look into it before making the
>I've found Citrix to be stable on both Win 2000 and NT but I can't say that
>I saw any performance difference.

This is somewhat true.  The existing INS card as we know it will go away.
Essentially, every time the card is improved to keep up with technology   IBM
Rochester has to redesign the motherboard, etc. which is why the INS always
seems to be behind the times.  The INS card will be replaced sometime in 2001 by
a bus attached external Netfinity server.  This will allow the technologies to
interface very well but also keep up with the times.

This doesn't mean the existing INS card is a bad option.  You can buy it, you
can use, it will be supported, etc.  It's been reported that 1 out of every 5
AS/400's sold is sold with an INS.  I'd be a little wary though.  I think your
biggest question is how well does the existing INS cover your needs.  As a
deployment server it is probably adequate and should remain so.  As a Terminal
Server I might not be so sure....that's an area that I can see a risk of having
to buy more INS than outboard servers.  Since the main consideration for buying
an INS is consolidation and simplified management that might be worth

We went through the same decision process just recently.  However, due to
management decision JDE OW implementation is on hold and we never got to act on
it.  Our decision was to use the INS for the deployment server and use outboard
Netfinity's for Terminal Servers....


> We are implementing Xe on the AS/400 platform, (should install in 2 weeks) and
> plan to use the Inetgrated Netfinity Server card in the AS/400 as a Deployment
> Server We have an 830 model with the 733 card. Central Objects will live on
> the AS/400 Enterprise Server.
> We are also considering using the INS cards for Terminal Servers (one per).
> Or, if the timing is right, perhaps using the new High Speed Link connection
> to external Netfinity Server boxes for Terminal Servers. This connection is
> supposed to be available in Q1 of 2001. We will only have the implementation
> team as users for the first few months, using thick clients, so we have time
> to make this decision.
> If anyone out there is using the INS for either Deployment or WTS servers, I'd
> like to hear about your experiences.
> I have also seen reference to a few people using Windows 2000 on the Terminal
> Servers instead of NT, and wonder how that is working out for you? What is the
> savings in using 2000 over NT? Have you found it stable? We would still use NT
> for the clients, and are only considering 2000 for the servers.

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