RE: Advanced Warehousing


RE: Advanced Warehousing

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I would like to add to the request for Advanced Warehousing documentation a
request for feedback from a business which is actually using it. When I
last asked for that kind of information (last summer) it appeared that there
were only a few projects and no live sites. Other modules of its size and
complexity have required literally hundreds of SARs before they were really
ready to be used in a mission-critical situation. Those hundreds of SARs
were usually the product of dozens of implementations by "early adopters".
I doubt that we are at that stage yet for the warehouse module, but I would
love to hear some good news - we need that module.

Don Schoen
Terlato Wine Group
RE: Advanced Warehousing


I worked with Advanced Warehousing when first released over a year ago. As
usual for a new application, there were many bugs. I would have to think
that by this time (almost 2 years from 1st implementation) the product would
have to be pretty solid. JDE was very supportive of the first users and
most issues should be sorted out in Xe. The company I worked with miss-used
the software completely and would not be a good reference for any module. I
am sure however that there are others about. Ask your Sales Rep for a

Bill Williams