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Re: Adding columns to existing view


Re: Adding columns to existing view

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Hi Prads,

You are correct, this should just feed through into the UBEs, in fact you should see it instantly in data selections. You are also correct that it is dangerous to remove fields as you can't be sure where they are used. The same rules apply for tables themselves.


OneWorld Xe sp13 - Oracle - on Solaris and NT

Hi list,

This question seems basic, but will be very helpful.. What's the impact ofa
dding another column to a business view ?? Suppose if I go to a businessv
iew design mode, add 1 or 2 columns from the table, and generate it, willi
t cause any problems where this view is aleady used ?? I know if any colums
are removed it can cause problems, but adding a column shouldn't affect anyo
f the places where the view is used, Am I right ?? Or Do I have to open the
places (UBE/APPLN) and save them again.

Env. B7331/SunOS/NT/Oracle.

Thanks in advance.

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OneWorld Xe sp13 - Oracle - on Solaris and NT