RE: accessing foreign tables from interactive applications


RE: accessing foreign tables from interactive applications

One option could be to define a Logical file (same key as the physical) and
in that logical file rename the fields. This would give you the different
field names that you are looking for.

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Hi All,
Thanks for all your replies. Since I have forgotten the configuration: We are on B7332 SP13_PKG on a AS400 with DB/2.
The following ESU's are applied: 3529532, 3572602, 3602390, 3993837, 4116422, 4229902, 4369770, 4373795, 4398896, 4426252, 4555142, 4594694

I have worked on this and came to the following solution that works best:
- Create a new physical file on AS400 to reflect the new fieldnames used in JDEdwards.
- Change the existing physical to a logical keeping the same file-name.
- make all logicals that are still used in legacy programs relate to the newly created physical and rename the fields in the DDS on the logical files used still by legacy systems (including the newly created logical that was the physical before) to reflect the "old" names. - recompile all programs on the AS400 to avoid level-check.

It seams that JDEdwards expects the table-name to exist as a physical phile in the pathcode and therefore it did not work to just create a new logical with renames.

Existing Table: DCOROD with fieldnames ODA, ODB

Create new table: F5601 with fieldnames OD$A OD$B
Create DCOROD as LF using the Rename in DDS: OD$A RENAME(ODA)

You will end up having on your AS400
F5601 (PF)

I hope this helps you.

B7332 SP13_PKG, AS400, DB/2