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Re: A8.1 & OneWorld xe

Your only real open is a direct conversion - as if it was a new software package. JDE is discussing a coresident approach, but it looks like smoke and mirrors to me.


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My understanding is that you there is no support for "coexistence" with
OneWorld if were using World 8.1.

Can someone please tell me what my options are? How can we use OneWorld if
were on World 8.1? Does this mean we can't go to OneWorld?



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re: A8.1 & OneWorld xe


You are correct. Some of the data files are different between A73 and A81. Since OneWorld is based on A73 data files/tables, there is no co-existence between A81 and OneWorld. At this point, you must build your own data conversion and tag files to move the data from A81 to OneWorld.

Unofficially, the XPI tool will be used to build conversions from A8 to OneWorld. These conversions do not have a release date and JDE will not commit that conversion programs will ever be available for A8. If you were to decide OneWorld is your future, JDE would allow you to define and create you conversion programs with the understanding you may loose functionality that motivated you to upgrade to/purchase A81 in the first place.

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Re: A8.1 & OneWorld xe


You are right. There is no coexistence for A8.1.

Your options are:
Implementing A7.3 and then install OneWorld
or Run OneWorld NON-COEXISTENCE. (co-habitation)

in both cases you are going to have to write
conversion programs to go back to A7.3 Level. There
is a World A8.1 programmer's guide that has the Table
(file) changes between A7.3 and A8.1.

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