RE: A/R Commit Failure


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RE: A/R Commit Failure

The below problem/resolution sounds similar to your situation, although it was PO receipts, not A/R invoicing. I wonder if there is a similar file in A/R that holds average lead times, and you may be exceeding that with your transactions? We are also on AS/400 V4R5, just in implementation phase.

In file F43090 field ALTD Average Lead Time is set to 999 days. The Receipt must be within 999 days of the PO Date. Demo data dates are frequently year 2005, and a receipt dated today is more than 999 days. Changed receipt date & no problem.


We are having an issue with OW XE invoice entry as well. It will not commit the transaction. Receipts will work, not invoice entry. JDE is stumped and are planning to send someone here to fix the issue. I would appreciate any information on how to correct the problem. We use an AS/400 as the enterprise server running V4R5.