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RE: A/P Voucher Logging


RE: A/P Voucher Logging

Check the processing options of the version of XT0411Z1 that is being called
from PO#10 of P04105.

Re: A/P Voucher Logging

Hi Steven,

We are in the process of implementing Voucher Logging as well. In order to
address your two issues below, create a new version of the A/P Voucher
Processing Server (XT0411Z1), with processing options #2 and #3 set so that the
default pay status is 'H' and the default document type is 'PL'. Then, call
your new version of XT0411Z1 from the version of P04105 that you use for Voucher

We are on A7.3, Cum 9. Hope this helps.

Good luck,

Alissa Allard
JDE Applications Analyst
Stimson Lane, Ltd.
email: alissa_allard@stimson-lane.com
phone: 425.415.3371

"Steven Lawrence" <Steven.Lawrence@coral.co.uk> on 03/29/2001 06:38:38 AM

Please respond to jdeworld@jdelist.com

To: jdeworldml@jdelist.com
cc: (bcc: Alissa Allard/CSM)
Subject: A/P Voucher Logging

Hello List,

We are trying to implement A/P Voucher Logging.

We have set up the AAI's as detailed in the manual (PP, PQ - PC was already set
up). We now have the following problems/issues.

1. Vouchers entered do not default to document type PL (they default to PV) and
are set as pay status A after entry.

2. The vouchers can be selected for payment immediately after posting (we were
under the impression that vouchers are H 'held' status until they are
redistributed and approved)

If you have experience of A/P voucher logging your advice would be gratefully
received !

Please either reply back to the list of direct to me at the e-mail address given

Many thanks.

Steven Lawrence
Finance Systems Manager
Coral Eurobet plc
Glebe House, Vicarage Drive,
Barking, Essex, IG11 7NS, UK
Tel: +44 20 8591 5151
Fax: +44 20 8591 8647
website: www.coral.co.uk
e-mail: steven.lawrence@coral.co.uk



Re: A/P Voucher Logging

Check your vocher log and re-distribute programs - the P042002 I think -
re-distributed vouchers can have their status amended by a processing option
= typically the voucher is logged aand when returned for its correct analysis
the processing option saves you having to speed status change = equally this
processing can be set to 'H'' - held for later release.The doc. type PV will
come from your Master Business Function - or its World equivalent.

Mark Jepson FCCA
RMJ Consulting Limited
Telephone +44 (0)113 261 9033
GSM +44 (0)7889 537927
Re: A/P Voucher Logging


Check you DWV processing options in the voucher entry and then the DWV
options for XT0411Z1 as below. The default should be ZJDE0001 and not as
below WH0001

10. To override standard A/P voucher WH0001
processing (DREAM Writer XT0411Z1,
version ZJDE0001), enter an override
version number. This should only be
changed by persons responsible for
system wide setup.

Suggest this be changed by those who know of the consequences of changing
the server options.

Ian Newman

Omni Leisure Operations Limited
World A7.3 c11 AS/400 V4R5
Em: ian_newman@omnileisure.com.au