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No problem - JDE can do this with ease, there are quite a few companies here
in Australia who have adopted this approach. However, it does require a bit
of work from you!

Some further analytical discussion with the "executive" users, not just your
manager, would be a good idea to clarify exactly what they expect from one
"cash account". JDE itself has no idea what is printed on the stationery
so theoretically all companies could be using the same physical bank account
(via the MICR encoding on the stationery) but this will cause some
reconciliation effort within JDE unless you have some external
reconciliation process that interfaces with JDE. Remember also that JDE
uses an AAI (PBxxxx) to retrieve an account number to be used as the "bank
account" - what this account number really represents within the financial
accounts has no bearing on what JDE does. It's just "an account number"
which in fact could be an intercompany loan account.

Anyway, cutting to the chase, for a full solution based on my understanding
of your objective there are two prerequisites.

Firstly you will need to "turn on" JDE intercompany accounting using either
the "hub" or the "detail" method. Might I suggest the hub method as a good
starting point for discussion and thinking - there used to be some good
examples and explanatory text in the GL Reference guides. It easier to set
up and understand, although both methods work quite well.

Secondly, within the automatic payment process there is a dream writer
processing option for an "override" bank account to be used. I think it is
in the "create payment group" function, and I think you also need to cross
reference the print payment process to the same account id.. It requires
that you specify the account id (eight "digit" alpha field) to be used for
the bank account. By using this processing option, JDE will ignore the bank
account assigned to the F0411 record when it was created and ONLY use the
override account.

Thirdly if you want everything tidied up then two more things. Change the
PBxxxx AAI's for all companies (or only have the one for company 00000).
Then use something like world writer in update mode to change the default
bank account assigned to all invoices in F0411, I assume you know how to do

Everything I stated above is based on recall from memory - I am at home and
have no access to the JDE manuals nor the system. If you really need more
specific data then get back to me and I will dig it out from both the
manuals and from the set-up we have at Brambles which seems the be exactly
what you described.

Regards...... Colin HUGILL

Colin Hugill