RDA: Text wrapping causes subsequent text to float down


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Subject: RDA: Text wrapping causes subsequent text to float down
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I'm creating "forms" (Sales Orders etc. and other custom forms) using RDA.
I want to print several media object text "blocks" one below the other and I
need to control exactly where each text block begins printing on the form in
order to keep the text within the boundaries of the form. The problem is
that each time the text wraps it pushes down everything below it. I've tried
the "absolute position" property to no avail (it just overwrites itself if
the output variable is shorter than the text). Also, carriage return within
the media object causes RDA to creep. Is it possible to have "floating text"
within a section of RDA and also control exactly where it starts to print ?
Can I have my cake and eat it too ?


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