RDA Spec Problem


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This just started this morning...
When we attempt to check in versions to PROD or transfer UBE's to PROD, the
process locks up on transferring RDA specs and we have to kill the OW
session. Other objects transfer just fine.

Any ideas? I'm guessing corrupt RDA specs in PROD but what do I do about it
or how do I confirm? Your comments/suggestions would be greatly

Toni Nanneman
Holiday Retirement Corp.

OW B7322 sp12.2; NT SQL 6.5 Deployment Server; Coexist A73 cum 8; 400
Enterprise Server

B7322 SP12.2; NT; SQL 6.5; coexist on AS/400 with A73 cum 8
I have seen where a QZDASOINIT job will have a some sort of half completed
commit on the OLB files. The correction in that case was to fully end
QSERVER and JDENET. Then start it all up again.

AS400 V4R4, B733.2, SP11.3, NT-SQL7 for CO