RDA - Report date fields jumps to next line when exporting to CSV


Somewhat new to RDA but....

I'm trying to export a report to CSV. Trying to get data in CSV to look something like below:
New York

But instead it looks like this with the dates dropping down a line

New York

It doesn't do this on report when Report Destination is 'On Screen' and date stays on same line.

I tried everything I can think of format-wise but to know avail. Seems like its something with the date field.

Anyone ever see this and how did you solve?

Much appreciation for any assistance you can give!!!!

Thanks, Dave

Mike Mackinnon

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1.) This should probably be in the "JD Edwards® EnterpriseOne Applications" forum.
2.) What type of section are you using?
3.) Also please include your release level in your reply (or include in signature).
* Identify your platform, OS Version, DB version, OW version, Service Pack level, etc.

If it is a group section then:

Make sure fields are lined up properly. They may be just slightly off causing some fields to go to the next line.
Highlight all the fields and go to Layout -> Align and align 'Top Edges" or "Bottom" so that everything is aligned properly.


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If the data is even one vertical pixel off in RDA in a group section, it will be a separate line in the CSV.

Select all the field you have in a 'row' and then 'align to bottom' using RDA's tools for that. I believe that will solve your problem.


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Make sure the column in the section are a little below the section border and not touching right on the section border .So when you have the section , have the columns a little lower and not touching the borders , sometimes those cause issues and as said before , make sure select all then choose the last one as the one you want to align WITH and choose align top edges to make sure all line up .If csv , make sure the columns when put in section are properly aligned with column and layout of csv . It has to be in design and column placement and alignment , have seen that and it can be easily resolved .