E9.2 Rate Schedule with multiple Rate Names based on a percentage

J Thomas

J Thomas

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Here is the invoice I am trying to build a schedule for.


My schedule has four sequences, one for each of these charges.

10 - base rate is stored the route
20 - Fuel surcharge is a percentage based on the freight charge of $3008
30 - Env Emissions is also a percentage based on the freight charge of $3008
40 - Marine fee is a flat fee

For sequence 20 and 30, I'm using this configuration. Rate basis set to F - Current Gross Amount

So if you are familiar with how this works, the seq. 20 calculates a percentage of the base rate to get the extended total. (So far so good.)

However, seq. 30 now calculates a percentage on the total "current" charge which is the base rate plus the fuel.

I want seq. 30 to only calculate on the base rate and ignore the fuel charges. Is there a different rate basis that could be used? (Already tried type S - Current Net Amount but current means current...)

Is there any workaround to this basic functionality?

EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.2.0
The only way we could figure out how to get around this was to add the percentages together in sequence 20. Then added the other flat fee items as sequence 30 or higher.