Random Logoffs.


Good morning.
I have seen a couple of post with users having random logoffs. I am getting this message in my jas logs:

3 Aug 2019 07:19:57,351 [SEVERE] - [RUNTIME] ***Security Alert***
Malicious script attack has been detected. The user session will be invalidated.
The parameter Name is:e1.service. The scripts are:ResourceCanonicalsJS"></script><script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript" src="/jde/share/js/e1.js"></script><script>_e1URLFactory = new E1URLFactory('Servlet','/jde/','/jde/URLBuilderService.mafService?e1UserActIn

We are using F5 as our load balancer. Everything so far everything i have read and tried seems to point to an issue with that. My question is i guess twofold - I have seen a couple of post that are a few years old. Just wondering if anyone has fixed this issue.

I have also loaded the latest Orcale CPU for FMW Weblogic 12c (p29633448_121300_Generic). Has anyone had an issue with it and their load balancers?

Has anyone used the A10 vThunder load balancer with WLS \E1?

Thanks for any input.

You have a script that is trying to execute on your system. Find it and remove it ASAP. Oracle has cross site scripting defense for HTML and what you are seeing is users trying to edit a field, and the cross site scripting defense is kicking the users out of the system.