R9861101 and purging F986114/F986114A...


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Ok, I'm confused. I've been having a script clear out F986110 and manually clearing F986114/F986114A, but I decided recently to start using the R9861101 UBE. I don't want it to actually delete the PDFs, because I keep those longer than the submitted jobs records, so I was going to just comment out the delete, which is actually in R9861102. But I can't see in either UBE where it actually deletes from F986114(A)... am I missing something? I think I have the latest ESUs for these objects.

I ran across a similar issue today at a client. The delete is actually done by an API that is called from business function B9861103. There is not a way to control what gets deleted.
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Thanks for the info! I ended up just making a new script that takes care of F986114/F986114A as well.