R96450 re-enabling my disabled code


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Hi folks,

I wonder if you can give me your thoughts on UBE R96450 XJDE0001. It's a rather powerful little UBE that sometimes comes as an automatic post installation step with ESUS and it's job is to enable or disable NER code and if configured in the POs Generate the NERs new code

How does it know what NERS to pick up?????

The reason I ask is we have just gone live with Polish Localisations and I was required to manually disable code in 3 BSFNs N7000311 N7000351 N7000501. I switched OFF the PL code by disabling the code (as it broke our SO process)

We took ESU JL23704 and it appears to gone off and run R96450 and flipped all the code in in those 3 NERs. What was once enabled is now disbaled, and what was disabled now enabled [email protected]{}{@~~~~#####!!!!!?????????? How???

How did that UBE know I had changed those BSFNs, how did the UBE know what it needed to flip in terms of NER code? And how do I stop this happening again with future ESUs that may run that UBE?

Apparently R96450 will run everytime we take an ESU with localisations in it


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