R48507|XJDE0006 - Invoice Print with Smart Fields

Frosty the Coder

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The site I'm at is a service management site.
Therefore, they don't use R42565, invoice print for Sales/Distribution.

They use R48507, "Invoice Print with Smart FIelds".

When we, the developers, looked at this UBE we were surprised in that the UBE template does not have "all the code".
Each version has version overrides with needed logic and formatting.
We are currently using a copy of XJDE0002, "Generic Sample Invoice #1".

When we bill a customer who has multiple work orders, this generates one INVOICE per work order.
We'd like it to be consolidated, by customer, so we get one INVOICE with one LINE per work order.

Version XJDE0006 is "Work Order invoice - one line per work order".
Sounds promising, right?

The AR user has fired off questions to Oracle, as to what setup might need to be done.
While we are waiting to hear back, I hoped that I could get some help from the list.

Is there anyone out there that uses this UBE and version, or copies of them,
that can point us at documentation and/or provide guidance regarding this?

Please AND Thanks