R470412 errors


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We run custom report based upon the R470412 on the scheduler at night.

In the pdf, there are D, H and N error levels. I looked at the code.

D = order and line error
H = order error
N = no error

The report does not indicate why there is an error. This is the same for R470412. The code does not indicate what would cause a 'D' or 'H' error.

I've gone into the workcenter and F01131 to see if there are any error messages, but there are thousands of lines to go through.

Would anyone have an idea what would cause a D or H error? Where would I get more information on the error?

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Jeff George

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I'm not familiar with that UBE, but in looking at the name of it I would think that it's trying to validate invoice information against an existing P.O. For the items indicating an error, is there any discrepancy between the invoice and the P.O.?