R47032 Processing Issues

Govind Srinivasan

Hi All
Just wanted to check with you some weird processing issues with the R47032 in Release 9.1

a). On many occasions we have noticed that the Sales Order and Shipment (F4211/F4215) are updated and the order process moves ahead, but there is no update in F47036/F470371. This we have noticed especially when handling large number of shipments
b). We have also noticed that on one occasion about 700 shipments, did update the F47036/F470371, but did not update the Sales Order/Shipment tables causing the data to be extracted multiple times as different EDOC numbers into the ASN tables

The above is causing significant delays and issues in processing customer ASNs.

We are not using extended ASN and we are only updating F47036/F470371.

Any insights on the above issues would really help. Thanks.

After upgrade to 9.1 intermittent issues started being reported by Customers (e.g. missing records in ASN / F47 tables) once any volume was pumped through the ASN process. It was finally tracked down to JDE triggers added as part of the upgrade.
From memory these JDE triggers were added to EDI tables to support GLN functionality (not well documented at the time). As GLN was not being used in this case we were able to turn triggers off and no further issues were reported. May explain (a), but does not explain your (b) scenario.
But hope this helps.
Thanks Craig. Will check with our tech folks and get back.

Thanks Craig
We disabled the table triggers and we also a built a wrapper to process one shipment at a time. I think those changes have largely solved our problem of missing updates to F47036/F470371.

Appreciate your help on this.