R43500 - trying to count rows for the sake of adding the footer information


Hi to all.
Very much a rookie here and would appreciate any and all direction.

We are trying to migrate over R43500 PO report to BIP and everything is fine except the ability to figure out where to start the bottom portion of the report.
The main body has a media object text box that could be any number of lines long. It's that uncertainty that has me thinking I have to count rows.
Is there a way in BIP to do that?
I'm trying to avoid doing something in the UBE because the output is just unformatted to begin with and in theory I would have to spend more time with it then I think I would with BIP.
Any advice much appreciated.

Use a footer in the report template?
Count the number of rows/lines in the UBE and pass a XML variable to the template (to be used in template variable to to determine break)?

Media objects from JDE are difficult to work with. I had a media object where I was only processing the first three lines of media object and loaded them into three variables in UBE to avoid having to deal with media object in the tmeplate.