R43500 Print from Second UBE


Hi List,
is anyone using this fueature of the R43500 to print from a second UBE? we want to use this but we have a lot of problems.

the report creates lines in the F4350UIH and F4350UID if this PO is turned on. sometimes it works well, but if we have lines in the F4311 for one order with differnt status the output in the F4350UID is missing. sometime we even do not have a record in the F4350UIH.
if all the detail lines in the F4311 have the same status everything is ok.
any Ideas how to solve the problem????

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Hi Axel,

I've used this secondary report feature without too many problems. The only time this seemed to behave strangely was when there were records left in the F43UI50D and H after a system crash. Once I cleared these out it processed normally again. These can be cleared down if no purchase orders prints are currently being created.



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