E9.2 R4311Z1I not Processing VR03 VR04, VR05 into F4311


When populating the F4311Z1.SZVR03 (Reference), F4311Z1.SZVR04 (Outside Reference 1) and F4311Z1.SZVR05 (Outside Reference 2) in the F4311Z1 table, these values are not getting written to the F4311 when the R4311Z1I (PO Unedited Transaction Inbound Processor) is run to create the purchase order.
Why is this happening?


Discovery is that the P4311Z1 application usually used to create a batch and to populate the other fields have apart from the VR03 - > VR05 fields. These Fields have are not part of the application itself. These fields are available in the F4311Z1 but must be populated either by SQL directly, or other customized program, or the application has been customized to allow this.

The R4311Z1I batch program uses the F4311 Edit line functions. There is apparently a SR (10986243) opened and closed . but this is not going ahead and is marked as "Working as designed"

Alternative Offered:
1) The best way to handle this is to get a JDE developer to add these fields to the Begin Doc, Edit Line, & End Doc Business Functions. in the (XT4311Z1) C code so that they get copied into the F4311 Table for the newly created PO.


2) Use Form Extensions for P4310 where these fields can be added and updated using Update Mode.

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