R42550 Release Credit Holds E1 9.2


We have an issue whereby a program that we run at the end of day, to add tire levies to shipped orders, is causing some of the orders to go on C1 hold. We have found a batch version that we believed could remove these same holds.
Some of the processing options indicate they are for future use, so I am ignoring those specific options, but have set the other two and the data selection criteria to be what I require (I thought).
Has anyone been able to set up the subject batch version so as to be able to release order hold codes by batch? My results continually do not release the hold on sales orders. The only thing I manage to accomplish is a record lock on the orders I try to release.
I am aware of the Release Held Orders program (P4209), but we were hoping to release all necessary, by batch version using the R42550 instead of one at a time (multiple customer's order(s) may need to be released on a given day).


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Even if R42550 worked, be careful when using it. From MOS Doc ID 2319760.2: "When releasing held orders, Release Credit Holds (R42550) performs only a credit limit check. R42550 does not perform an aging credit check. If an order is on hold because it exceeds the aging criteria but does not exceed the credit limit, the batch process will release the order from credit hold." If you use aging holds, R42550 might release orders you really want on hold.

It seems that you don't want the tire levies program to perform credit checking. Is it calling a version of P4210 that has the credit checking processing option enabled? (Or calling a program that calls P4210?) If so, have you considered setting up a version of P4210 just to be used by your tire levies program that blanks out the credit checking processing option?


Apologies for my late response and thank you. It is a tricky situation we have as an order may have already passed all the credit checks and/or been released from Credit Hold prior to the End Of Day program we run to add the applicable levies. We acknowledge that we are adding lines to an order that may have already passed through an aging credit check, but we accept that we must add these charges, regardless. We are hoping to return to automated End Of Day invoicing run as this has caused us to process manually, due to the requirement of releasing Credit Holds on orders once the levies are added. I will look into your suggestion of the P4210 program called to see if that will help.