R42118 question about splitting lines?


Hello forum, please advise with the following question I recently received, not really an expert with this R42118 UBE (as evidenced in the person's detailed explanation in the message below) so I was hoping for some direction from this forum:

There's a job called Backorder Release R42118 that performs 2 tasks from a canned perspective. It reviews item availability and finds orders that can be 'taken off backorder' when material is available. So far so good...

Our issue is that if a backorder can only be partially fulfilled, it creates a line split that will allow the original line to fully ship, and creates a ".1" line that stays on backorder...

In a normal world, this is great...

In our world, because we've modified a bunch of things and have another job that will actually do a split for us when we're good and ready for it to happen, we'd like this job to fulfill the backorder, either fully or partially, and not split the line.

Beginning: Line 5.0 UORG 150 SOQS 100 SOBK 50
Inventory gets replenished (add 50)
R42118 Backorder Release runs
End: Line 5.0 UORG 150 SOQS 150 SOBK 0

Beginning: Line 5.0 UORG 150 SOQS 100 SOBK 50
Inventory gets partially replenished (add 20)
R42118 Backorder Release runs & splits
End: Line 5.0 UORG 120 SOQS 120 SOBK 0
Line 5.1 UORG 30 SOQS 0 SOBK 30

Preferred Result in this example:

End: Line 5.0 UORG 150 SOQS 120 SOBK 30

Can anyone advise how this could be done via modifications, if at all? I'm guessing a number of BSFNs are involved, please advise and much thanks in advance for your time.

By the way, we're on EnterpriseOne - E900 (tools on MS/SQL server DB platform.


Do you have PO Commitments Turned On? If yes, please turn it off and see if it works.