R41544 - Item Balance Intergrity


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Hi All,

We have upgraded our Sun Enterprise hardware -

FROM: E3500, 1.5gb ram, 14x18gb HDD raid0+1, 2x40mb HDDControllers, 3x333mhz CPUs
TO: E4500, 4.5gb ram, 16x18gb HDD raid0+1, 1x100mb HDD Controller, 6x400mhz CPUs

We are running on B7331SP7.1 and Oracle8I 8.1.6.

UBE batch job R41544(XJDE0001) before upgrade program took 1 hour, after the upgrade the job takes 2 hours. I have run this same UBE locally and it takes less than 2 minutes. We are all at a loss.

Please help. Those of you out there with similar hardware configuration, send me a copy of the following files '/etc/system' , JDE.INI server file, 'initorcl.ora' , 'RunOneWorld.sh' , so that I can make some form of comparison.

The 2 main tables used in this job are F4111(140602 rows) and F41021(68116 rows). We also have a development environment with its own database(the data in here is a copy of the PROD data). This filesystem is only Raid0. This job also takes exactly 2 hrs as a UBE on the server.

Many thanks in advance.

Your input and comments are also welcome.

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