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R41411 Select Items for Count


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Dear all,
can any one help me about the functionality of this report? we want to run this report for our one subsection #135 for cycle count even Stock is there. but show nothing on the print out.

best regards

shafiq malik


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It is first step in Cycle counting process..

1. select items to count - R41411
2. print count sheets - R41410A
3. Enter the counted quantities - P41240
4. Review variances - R41403
5. Approve the CC - P41240
6. Run update - proof/final - R41413 to update the cardex, item location/GL etc.



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Please review the below and insure that your version is the same. That may correct the issue of the on hand inventory not printing online and on the report.

Run the report R41411 for the data sequence MCU - Location - Item Lot.