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Hi Mark,

You have to run the UBE twice, first time through to insert F4101 records
with the ITBR field in the F4101Z1 table set to 1 and second time through to
insert F4102 records with the ITBR field set to 2. This field tells the UBE
which live table it is inserting into. I'm currently doing this mapping from
a legacy system (in Xe, don't know what system you are on so I'm not sure
how the esu affects it) and it works fine for me.


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> Can anyone explain the process for adding Item Branch records using
R4101Z1I. I have accepted an > update package containing ESU 3775573 (to my
fat client). The UBE creates F4101 Item Master
> records but does not create F4102 Item Branch records. Mark