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R3483 issue - taking too long and seems to be reading ALL old F4801 WOs


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Hi List,

As the title says, we have issues here whereby R3483 keeps for ever and a day. I am a developer and I looking at the logs and I notice the following:

MRPMultplePlanetLoadAndPlan calls MRPWritePartsListQtyIntoCache and then this second BSFNs seems to read through loads of completed WOs 99

I see that 99 is passed in, so does this come from a PO option somewhere at all? MRP shouldn't be looking at cancel/completed WOs surely?




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I believe that R3483 has Supply/Demand Inclusion rules specified in the processing options. These rules are setup in P34004. Check if the rules include WOs at status 99. If so you can change it to exclude WOs @ status 99.



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There are a significant number of documents on Oracle Support regarding performance tuning on R3482/R3483 so well worth running through. In respect to your specific question, if table caching is enabled (controlled through the performance tab of the UBE processing options) then it will read the F4101, F4102 and F4801 for the selected branches first and then filter based on the supply/demand inclusion rules. This means all work orders/parts will be read before processing.

Your options are probably - disable table caching and then work on DB performance tuning or purge F4101/F4102/F4801.

Again, these UBE's have had a lot of focus over the years in terms of performance and there is a lot of documentation available on Oracle Support regarding their performance.