R3190 - Normally takes 5 minutes randomly taking from 50 minutes up to 5 hours!


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Hello -

Is anyone lese experiencing random long runs of R3190? We are on 9.2 tools release and 9.1 applications.

It normally takes 5 minutes and "randomly" takes up to 5 hours, but we cannot duplicate at will, and there seems to be no pattern to it.

Thank you.


Hi, try to schedule it in different time; I experienced that when running by night (when backup processes are running) it takes 2 hours, whereas during worktime it takes about 20 minutes. Other processes are running at the same time?

Work Order processing is not my area of specialty, but I did find this document on Oracles Knowledge Management about the R3190
E1: 31: R3190 Work Order Repost Performance Checklist (Doc ID 661998.1)


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Work Order Repost R3190 runs in an endless loop under the following conditions.
a) Item is a component in Warehouse for picking.
b) Two-phase pick process is enabled for the item in Warehouse profile.
c) When R3190 is run, Phase 2 of pick request is not confirmed (Status < 391).

This issue is addressed by Bug 19260627 - R3190 Infinite Loop For Two Phase Pick Request.

An infinite 'While' loop was detected in the code and involves NER N4600610 (F4602 Repost Warehouse Commitments).