R31802 batch failure => F3102 and GL errors


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Morning list,

This week (of course during month end closure) one of our R31802 (WIP) batches did not end succesfully. This has caused a lot of work orders not to be booked correctly (F3102/GL mismatch with WO info). Also when we try to run the R31804 (variances) we get different results then expected OR non results at all.

I would like to financially close a work order from scratch. So basically void/delete the current journal entry and reset the work order to a status prior then the R31802/R31804 run. Unfortunately, this does not work by somply changing the WO header. Is it correct to state that the PPFG field in the WO header (F4801) must be changed to blank? Is there anyone else who has suffered these kind of issues and what was your best practise to solve this?



There is no standard procedure to fix this kind of problem. However you have mentioned that need to void JE batches, then change WO statuses back to original status and then update F4801 PPFG flag to blank. We did it for few records but not for bunch of work orders.
Here are the steps
-Check all related JE batches , if posted check F0911 & F0902.
-Void them.
- change WO statuses back to completion stage, so that R31802 can process again
- change F4801.WMPPFG flag to blank
- run R31802 in proof mode and after verification run it in final mode.
You can try it for few work orders and check it . If it is okay, then you can mass update them by running SQL.
Hope this helps you.


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Unfortunately, it will not be so easy. R31802 creates the journal entries using "unaccounted units" data in F4801, F3111, and F3112, found in CST1 (and CST2, CST3, etc, in F3112). When run in final mode, R31802 resets these fields to "blank". This is what allows the running of R31802 several times for the same work order. However, because of this, it is not possible to "re-process" a work order for which the journal entries have already been created.
It seems to me that you will need to gather all the material transactions for the work order from F4111 (and identify which were involved in the R31802 run that did not properly complete), and gather time transactions similarly from F31122, then manually enter the missing journal entries.