R31113Z1I - Updating Subledger to GL (F0911)

Mike Mackinnon

Mike Mackinnon

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I am using the EDI inbound process to process work order issues but am having a problem with writing the work order in the subledger field in the General Ledger (GLSBL). It seems to work fine for our 'normal' on-line work order issues but does not work when processing the Z-file records (from F3111Z1 and F31171 for cost type). Is there something that needs to be added to in order to write the subledger into the General Ledger? The issues process successfully but just missing the SBL in the F0911.

I am using the same version that we use for the online WO issues in process options on R31113Z1I.
We are also using work order type "SV - service orders".

UPDATE - Additional Information

Has anyone seen a situation where a UBE (in this case R3113Z1) is not using the correct process option when 'using' the P31113 version? I am seeing in Execution Detail from submitted job R31113Z1I indicating that it is blank when clearly it is *NOT* when I look at process options from batch versions! It is like the process option is being ignored and it thinks that PO value was left blank so it uses that ZJDE version.

I *think* this may be what it happening but I'm not sure.