R17024- Equipment Master Update Error


Hi List,

I have an issue when running the R17024. I am getting errors in the F1201 and when I view it in debuglog this is the error I receive, "ERROR INFO JDEERR - ID= 13, Error= 0003 - n1200010.c, Line= 3289" I know that the 0003 error is for an invalid blank and the business function is the "F1201 Process Master Data". But my question is how do I know which field has the invalid blank value?

Thanks for your help.

What you do is you open up the N1200010.c file and press ctrl + G, add 3289 and press ok to goto that line

You see this code

/* SLBF : Set NER Error("0003", BF szUnitNumber) */
jdeErrorSet( lpBhvrCom , lpVoid , IDERRszUnitNumber_13 ,
_J("0003") , (LPVOID)NULL );

So it's your Unit Number :)

By the look of it, you've activated this flag somehow evt_cPO_UnitNumberRequired, so it needs the Unit Number (That flag seems to be coming from one of the POs on P1201)

Boomb :)
You're welcome.
I think I do this about 3-4 times a week for the analysts here. So have it down to a fine art now lol :)

Follow my steps above and it's actually quite easy.

Also for UBEs, if there isn't an error popping up on the PDF but there is a WC message, you can also read the F01131M for the user and get the LNID and C+ function from there and do exactly the same as above.