R11414A Excessive Processing Time



The timeframe to run R11414A steadily increases. We run JDE 9.0 on an I-series V7R1M0. Our F0902 file is 15.6 MILLION records while F0911 is 257 MIL. Yes, these are huge files but have not been successful in persuading the finance team to work on an archive method so it's 15 years of data..... We run 3 different restatements all with the same data selection and the only difference in the processing options is the Computation ID. No destination ledger which means it defaults to AA.

But, since R11414A appears to be driven by year and period (in Processing Options), would this record count really make a difference?

I saw some older articles but they were from 2003 or 2004 - I'm hoping someone might have an idea that could be shared. A SAR or ESU?? Or a home grown fix??

If I have not entered adequate data, please let me know. I don't post here very often.

Thank you for any and all assistance!
Check your subledgers for record count. A high quantity of sub ledgers impacts performance.