R11414 - Restatement is slow



We are on B733.2 / SP14.1 / Oracle 8.1.6.

Recently, the Balance Currency Restatement report R11414 has started to
process very very slowly.

Example : it processes 95 records of the AA ledger type in 9 hours, for a
single period. Two months ago, it took only 1 hour. Now the average is 5
minutes per record so imagine our biggest company that has over 30 000 AA

Denver answered us that this issue is resolved in Xe release only. We
can't live with it. We can't retrieve what has changed over the last month
that could have affected the restatement report.

If you have tips for us, please response to this message.


Pierre Theriault
Team leader - M.I.S.
Premier Tech Ltd
[email protected]


XE, SP 14.2, Oracle 8.1.5 here.

The restatement may have changed in XE, but...

The restatement does 2 things:

1. Data selection is AA ledger with rows that have the glalt9 column populated with a space (' '). These rows get copied exactly except the the gllt column (ledger type) is populated with XA.
2. Post program is run (R09801) that posts all these XA transactions.

I am wondering how long it is taking your system to select the rows in step 1... Do you have a lot of F0911 records? Has your oracle DBA analyed this table recently?

Oracle 8.1.5
XE 14.2