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Hey List,
One of my users kicked off the R099102 (repost) yesterday at 3:30
and it is still processing now after 16 hrs!? Has anyone ever experienced
this? Any idea what's going on?

Xe sp13 - SQL 7 sp3 - NT sp6a

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We have had the same problem. Try to narrow down the data selection. DO NOT change the period selection. (It should be equal to 1 - 14).
The best part is sometimes some of the accounts will no be updated.
We had to update manually.

Good Luck


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How big is your F0911 table? The R099102 recreated the F0902 (ALL of it)
based on the original F0911 records. if you have been live for a while that
is a lot of data. As I understand it, JDE do not recommend doing a selective
R099102 run, it is all or nothing, so this is a huge undertaking. Good luck,
I have never managed to get it to complete - it always took too long and
sooner or later we had to do a backup.

We have found the only sensible (if dangerous) way to fix the F0902 when it
gets out of step, as it will, is to use SQL to update specific records in
the F0902, having calculated the required values using the F09705 (this runs
a lot quicker).

As an additional warning, we did once run the F99102 with data selection,
end result it appeared to loop (never finished) and completely messed up the
F0902, fortunately this was in CRP!

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