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R09801 Reverse Post


Reputable Poster
I have an issue regarding the R09801 General Ledger Post. The problem is
that 'all of a sudden' it will not post reverse entries anymore, regardless
of ledger type. I have looked at R0911 and R0911t it is listed as reverse
entries, they just are not created. I have dissected the ube down/run with
logs on,etc, but I cannot see anything that is either erroring out, or
appears to be the cause. Since it just 'stopped working' I have to assume
that someone, somewhere changed a setting and that is causing the problem.
Another reason I feel this way is that if the entry involves a intercompany
transfer, you DO see reverse entries made for it. Are there any G/L (or
other) settings that could cause the above symptoms? Apparently this has
been occuring for sometime, but I have not been made aware of it until

John Gersic
CNC Administrator
eGlobe, Inc.

B733.2 SP 14.1, NT/SQL 7 SP3