R09801 Reverse Entries


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Just to update the group if anyone else should have had the same problem
as us. I figured out a fix to our non-posting reverse entries issue. The
problem appears to be the database output functionality within the report
writer tool is not functioning at all (don't know at what point it broke,
but we are now at SP14.1). What I did was create a f0911 table insert in the
do section of the create reverse entry section. The most difficult thing is
just being sure you map the data correctly in the insert. I have tested it a
number of times and verified the data and all looks good.
I spoke with a senior developer with JDE and she stated that the database
output functionality is a layover from older versions of OneWorld.
Apparently in the older versions they did not have the ability to perform
table IO from within the event rules, so they had to use the section
database output.

John Gersic
CNC Administrator
eGlobe, Inc.

B733.2 SP14.1
Windows NT SP6a
Citrix Metaframe 1.8