R09801 Performance - Benchmarks


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We are experiencing some performance problems with the R09801 program, and I
need to get some metrics to compare the performance against. The F0911 has
been loaded with the appropriate Z file, and we are running the R09801
program for the first time in order to create all of the initial account
"buckets" in the F0902. Unfortunately, the program is taking anywhere from
15-20 seconds to create each F0902 record from the F0911 records, and given
that we are looking at 12 months at over 5,000 records/month, this process
is taking a very long time.

So...does anyone know if this process is taking this long only because it is
the initial iteration of the program, meaning that all of the account
buckets are being created for the first time in the F0902? In theory, every
subsequent iteration of the process that we run should be faster because the
buckets are already there and only need to be updated. Does anyone have any
experiences to compare against?

Note that all logging and tracing has been turned off on the ES, and all
other processes in the system are running at normal speeds. All kernel
settings in the ES jde.ini have been reviewed and verified by JDE as

Any and all input is appreciated.

OneWorld Xe SP 15.1, Update 2
Win2K Advanced Server/SQL 2000 Enterprise Edition
Metaframe 1.8, NFuse 1.51